Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Southlands Nursery

Nothing is out of place at Southlands Nursery. The garden center is meticulously laid out and merchandised. The owner Thomas Hobbs was a florist before entering the retail garden center business, and it shows. His artistic approach to merchandising makes Southlands a delightful place to shop.

Items like old windows and doors jazz up displays and add a whole new element of interest to plants and pottery, inspiring customers. And, if customers are especially intrigued by certain displays, they can even purchase the old windows and doors for their own gardens. Everything at the garden center is for sale. Southlands even make use of broken pottery, planting it up with stunning combinations of succulents and other varieties.

The team at Southlands has mastered branding, too. Boxes and paper bags adorned with the garden center’s logo are somewhat pricey, according to Hobbs, but it’s worth the investment for the opportunity to be constantly reinforcing your brand.

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