Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mobile Shopping

I'll admit it. I have a cell phone that, while not quite the Zack Morris phone, is still pretty 20th Century. Additionally, things like using your smartphone while shopping to allow you to find products faster just seems like something out of a Back To The Future movie to me (you know, the one where they go forward in time - which I might add is to 2015, only five short years away).

But it's pretty much here. According to an article in The Dallas Morning News, more and more retailers are using mobile apps as a way to entice customers to buy more while they are in the stores.

We've always said garden center retailers aren't just competing against other garden retailers and box stores, but also against any retailer that trades in discretionary income (i.e. restaurants, salons and spas, gaming and tech retailers, etc.)

So the question is, what are garden center retailers doing to join the fray when it comes to using mobile apps to enhance the shopping experience? We already know of a couple garden centers using Microsoft Tags, or QR tags (also known as smart tags, 2-D tags, etc.) to provide more plant information to customers while in the stores.

How else can retailers capitalize on in-store apps? Let's take the discussion here and see what comes up!

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